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RiyazStudio screenshot - how does it work?
Here's a screen shot of RiyazStudio with the new tanpura add-on installed.
Just hold the mouse over any control to see what it does:
You can also read the full help files online

Here are just a few of the keyboard commands you can use to control RiyazStudio:

 Key Effect
 D          starts / stops drone and tanpura (F fades in/out)
 A   S       lowers / raises drone and tanpura volume
 Space bar       starts / stops tabla
 Z   X       lowers / raises tabla volume
 B change tabla speed: press "B" 3 or more times at the new speed
  switch to style of slower (more detailed) / faster (less detailed) cycle 
  slow down / speed up
 -   +       lowers / raises fine tuning

RiyazStudio remembers your settings from one session to the next.

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