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RiyazStudio screenshot - how does it work?
Here's a screen shot of RiyazStudio with the new tanpura add-on installed.
If you're using InternetExplorer just hold the mouse over any control to see what it does:
You can also read the full help files online

Adjust tanpura pluck strength Adjust tanpura tempo Select soft/harsh tunings for Ni, ni, da, re, ga Strengthen Re harmonic on Pa tanpura string Use Jawari for non-Sa notes Strengthen tanpura bass Play additional treble tanpura Select main tanpura Hide user settings controls Select Solo or Duo playing modes Adjust taal display Display position in cycle. Click on display to adjust where cycle starts to play Playing first of two cycles of this sample Boost tabla volume Who's playing Unregister RiyazStudio from this computer Refresh Adjust fine tuning of this tabla sample - in case you feel it's not quite in tune with the drone Activate 'Bell on sum', Metronome and/or Tambourine Activate tempo programming controls Stop or play the tabla and adjust its volume Stop or play the drone and tanpura and adjust joint volume Use style of faster cycle (usually less detail) without changing speed. Click again for more effect Back to default style Use style of slower cycle (usually more detail) without changing speed. Click again for more effect Slow down or speed up: click for step change, hold for gradual change. Hold down Ctrl key to keep same tabla sample Tabla speed in beats per minute Rough speed of tabla: vilambit (slow), Madhya (medium), Drut (fast), Ati Drut (very fast) Switch the tanpura on or off and adjust its volume Switch the drone on or off and adjust its volume Switch the drone on or off and adjust its volume Select tanpura sequence; 8 standard sequences, 4 rhythmic patterns + user settings Select notes of continuous drone: Sa, SaPa or SaMa Adjust fine tuning of drone, tampura and tabla to exactly match your instrument Select pitch of drone, tampura and tabla to match your instrument or voice Select relative tabla pitch to current drone: Sa, Pa, Ma, Ga or Da; +/- signs indicate semi-tones tuning from original recording Select tabla sample group or user setting

Here are just a few of the keyboard commands you can use to control RiyazStudio:

 Key Effect
 D          starts / stops drone and tanpura (F fades in/out)
 A   S       lowers / raises drone and tanpura volume
 Space bar       starts / stops tabla
 Z   X       lowers / raises tabla volume
 B change tabla speed: press "B" 3 or more times at the new speed
  switch to style of slower (more detailed) / faster (less detailed) cycle 
  slow down / speed up
 -   +       lowers / raises fine tuning

RiyazStudio remembers your settings from one session to the next.

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