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RiyazStudio download
Select the version you'd like to install and click the "Download RiyazStudio" button.
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If you haven't tried RiyazStudio before - then when you run our Standard or mini versions for the first time - click to play the tabla and follow the links to get a temporary registration.
RiyazStudio Standard
Tanpura plus Tabla playing taals Teental, Ektal, Rupaktal, Jhaptal, Addhatal, Keherwa, Dadra, Deepchandi, Jhoomra Ada Chautal, Mattatal, Tilwada and Soolfakta, plus Chautal and Dhammar (played on Pakhawaj)
Includes Sitar Teental taster of RiyazStudio Lehra
Swarmandal + Advanced Tanpura
We've added a 100+ raag based Swarmandal to our Tanpura upgrade. You can install it on its own or add it to your existing RiyazStudio. Our tutorial videos will help you get the hang of it in a few minutes...
The Swarmandal is covered by our (previously named) Advanced Tanpura registration - so if you got that, it's a free upgrade!
RiyazStudio mini
A small Teental only taster of our Standard and Lehra versions (27MB download)
 If you want only Semi-Classical taals, or want to add light music variations to your
 Standard installation, download and install:
RiyazStudio Semi-Classical
Tanpura plus Tabla playing 200+ light music variations in Kerherwa (includes Bhajani, Qawwali and Ghazal variations), Dadra, Rupak, Addhatal, Deepchandi and Jat
RiyazStudio Lehra
Tanpura plus Lehra played by real musicians to accompany your Tabla or Kathak practice.
Harmonium, Sarangi, Sitar and Bansuri playing lehras in 14 taals.
Install alongside our Standard version for 'Duo' option; Tabla and Lehra playing together.
Watch our youtube tutorial

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Do leave a few details about your use of RiyazStudio to help us plan future developments - and your email address if you'd like news of these. We won't share your details with anyone else.
How do you want to use RiyazStudio? (just curious / accompanying my practice) 
How did you hear about it? (search engine / from a friend  / from my teacher) 
What do you play? (North Indian Classical on bansuri in E / Vocal - Bhajans - with Sa = B)
What taals do you mostly play in? (Teental / kerhewa & dadra / Classical / Light)

  • When asked "Do you want to run or save this file?", choose Save - and then Run the installation program when it has fully downloaded.
  • When fully installed, RiyazStudio Standard sound files occupy almost 1GB space on your hard disk. Please make sure you have this space available.
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