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Purchasing RiyazStudio - what are the options?
  • If you intend to download RiyazStudio, or if you've already got it on CD-ROM or downloaded, then you need only purchase the RiyazStudio Registration Keycode

    Two computer Standard, Semi-Classical or Lehra registration code: US $39.95
    with 30-day money back guarantee
    Purchase initial registration keycode or upgrade existing keycode:
    You can also purchase our new tanpura update as a stand alone program - or you can just add it to your existing RiyazStudio; most of its features are free for existing users, but you'll need to upgrade your registration in order to use its 'tanpura user settings' (currently named after various raags).
  • If you have a slow internet connection or you'd like to present RiyazStudio as a gift, then purchase RiyazStudio on CD-ROM with Registration Keycode

    Two computer Standard registration code
    + installation CD-ROM:
    US $54.90
    with 30-day money back guarantee

    (The CD automatically installs the Standard version - and we've included
    the installation programs for other versions on the disc
    - should you wish to install these later)

Or you may prefer to purchase in person from a local dealer

Your unique Registration Keycode can licence up to two computers to use RiyazStudio. Each computer will need to connect to the web briefly the first time you play RiyazStudio tabla - to complete the licencing - but after this a web connection isn't required.

If you want to use RiyazStudio on more than two computers, additional computer licences can be added later to your registration keycode.
For a 'Standard only' or 'Semi-Classical only' registration this costs US $14.95 per computer.
For a combined Standard + Semi-Classical registration it costs US $29.90 per computer.

RiyazStudio runs on Windows PCs running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 - also on IntelMacs via CrossOver, VMware Fusion, Parallels or BootCamp
RiyazStudio sound files require around 756MB space on your hard disk.
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