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Frequently Asked Questions...
Technical fixes:
Why is there both a drone and a tanpura?
The continuous drone is there to add "body" to the tanpura sound - to root you even more firmly in the tonality into which you place your notes. If you sometimes find the strokes of the tanpura distracting, you might even use the drone on its own.
Do I have to tune the drone, tanpura and tabla separately?
No - the single tuning control controls them all. We have left open the option for fine tuning the tabla but you're unlikely to want to use this.
What if I reformat or change computers? Do I have to buy another registraton key?
You don't have to buy anything beyond your initial two computer registration key to keep RiyazStudio running on two computers.

If you reformat or reinstall a computer, and you've been using a recent version of RiyazStudio (August 2008 onwards) then our system will recognize your computer when you register again, and you won't  have "used up" an extra computer licence.

If you change computers (or you reformat having used an older version of RiyazStudio) and if you've used up both your computer licences then the registration system will allow you to unregister an old computer, so freeing up its licence to use again.
Do I get free upgrades?
Minor upgrades are free (by download). Major upgrades or add-ons (like RiyazStudio Semi-Classical) won't cost more than the price difference.
There are so many "tabla sample groups". Which should I choose?
Try them all. You'll soon find the one that sounds best at your pitch on your sound system - and RiyazStudio will remember it between sessions. Whatever pitch you play or sing at, make sure you try the E tabla samples, which come over very well on many sound systems - even when played significantly below their recorded pitch.
Will RiyazStudio work on Mac or Linux?
RiyazStudio works only on Windows - or emulations of it - and these can run on "Intel Mac"s (any Mac produced after 2006).

A basic way of running Windows on a Mac is through the Mac's BootCamp option:
Once installed, you choose on starting the computer whether to run as a Mac or Windows PC.

A more seamless way to run RiyazStudio on a Mac is via Windows installed under a "virtual machine" running within the Mac OSX environment.
Options are "VMware Fusion", Oracle's open source "VirtualBox" (youtube tutorial: "Installing Virtual Box and Windows 7 on Mac OSX"), and "Parallels Desktop".

An alternative that doesn't need Windows is CrossOver.
(this doesn't work as well as it used to; the "virtual machine" solution is the best)
If you use the trial version of CrossOver, and install RiyazStudio before buying a registration code, then you can be satisfied that the installation is successful before spending any money.
(Please note that CrossOver isn't free software, and you'll need to purchase it to keep it working beyond the trial period.)

Install CrossOver, InternetExplorer7 and RiyazStudio:
(watch our youtube video showing how to do this)

i)  Download and install CrossOver Mac (or CrossOver Linux).

ii)  Go to CrossOver and select the Install Software option
Search for and select "InternetExplorer7" and install it into a new Windows XP bottle.

(Why IE7? Because the core of RiyazStudio is an 'ActiveX control' that needs InternetExplorer)
('bottle' is CrossOver's term for a virtual Windows environment)

iii) Download the version of RiyazStudio that you're interested in, then doubleclick the downloaded file to start installation under CrossOver.
- Make sure you install RiyazStudio into the new InternetExplorer7 bottle that you've just created.
- If you're installing more than one version of RiyazStudio - just install the other(s) into the same bottle.

iv) Once RiyazStudio has installed, drag the "RiyazStudio in browser" icon into the taskbar for easy launching.
- You'll need to run "RiyazStudio in browser" in recent versions of CrossOver ...then click the yellow bar at the top of IE's Window to reassure IE that it's OK to run.
- When you've finished a session on RiyazStudio please close it down by holding the RiyazStudio taskbar icon, then selecting 'Close Application'.

v) To register RiyazStudio, run InternetExplorer7 and visit the registration page http://www.materialworlds.com/products/2_2v.html
- If you'd like to get a temporary registration for RiyazStudio (Standard or mini version; teental only) run InternetExplorer7 and visit the bottom of the page:

It's very important that RiyazStudio is installed into the same "bottle" as InternetExplorer.
If you get "script errors" on running RiyazStudio it'll be because they aren't in the same bottle - just reinstall RiyazStudio to fix this.

Crossover - Run Windows applications without Windows

Does it need a powerful computer?
RiyazStudio runs on Windows PCs running Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT , XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 (for x86, Intel/AMD) - but not Windows RT (for ARM; the low powered tablet version of Windows 8).

Whilst RiyazStudio needs Windows (or an emulation of it) it doesn't need a new computer. It will be perfectly happy on a fairly old and slow PC just as long as you can spare a few GB hard disk space for the tabla sound samples, and the computer isn't hamstrung by malware/viruses.

What does matter is the quality of your sound system - a cheap pair of small PC speakers or a laptop's built-in speakers won't do you or RiyazStudio justice. If a better quality sound system isn't available then a pair of headphones (although inconvienient for practicing) could give a better idea of what RiyazStudio should sound like.
Will you convert RiyazStudio for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or Android?
It's possible - but there's still a lot of additional development on the Windows platform that we'd like to complete before we seriously contemplate this.
Should I use RiyazStudio for all my practice?
No - it's important also to have regular sessions with a real live tabla player.
RiyazStudio won't interact with you or respond to you.
Can I install RiyazStudio on a computer without an internet connection?
Yes - just email to ask us for our offline registration instructions.
I've downloaded the installation program but when I run it it says it's "not a valid win32 application" or "checksum mismatch"
The installation program hasn't been fully or properly downloaded.
Try downloading again - but if this keeps happening...

Try downloading from download.cnet.com instead - where we've uploaded our installation programs. Search for "RiyazStudio" there, and select the version you want.

Or you could install 'download manager' software that will try to ensure that your RiyazStudio download is complete and uncorrupted.
My anti-virus software says the installation program contains a virus
Occasionally we get a "false positive" (where an anti-virus software's latest virus definitions find a match in harmless software).
So what should you do?
  • Do let us know what your anti-virus package is, and what virus it thinks it is has found so we can investigate - and if all looks clear we'll ask the publishers to fix the "false positive" in their next update.
  • Try downloading the installation file on a computer that uses another anti-virus package.
    Then (having assured yourself that it doesn't contain anything evil) you could copy the file and install it on your computer having temporally disabled the virus protection.
    With any luck, the pattern that your anti-virus was detecting will be present only in the installer.


When I try to run RiyazStudio I just get html code, or the message "not a valid win32 application" or (on Windows 8.1) "This app can't run on your PC"
Occasionally a computer forgets or doesn't know how to open RiyazStudio. To fix this:

Right-click on the RiyazStudio icon (or menu item) and select "Open With": "Choose Program...",
and then select "Microsoft (R) HTML application host" to run it.
Tick the checkbox "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" then click OK.

If you need to "browse" for this program it's called mshta.exe
and lives in C:\WINDOWS\system32 or C:\Windows\SysWOW64

Or if that doesn't make any difference - try this...
Select the 'Run' option from the start menu, then copy, paste and run this (the whole text of the next line):
C:\Windows\SysWOW64\mshta.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\RiyazStudio\indexPitchDroneTalaSF.hta"
I've got my registration code but I can't register RiyazStudio...
If a security setting might be blocking registration - or if the registration page just isn't opening - try instead downloading and running:


Right-click the link, select "Save Link/Target As..." and once it's downloaded, open the file on your computer to access the registration page.

(The regstration page will assume you're trying to register the Standard version - but its registration will work for other versions too)
OR... if you can't open the file 2_2.hta, please try this instead:

Run Microsoft Internet Explorer and turn off its 'protected mode' - as shown here:

(this will allow RiyazStudio's reg info to be properly stored in Windows versions since XP)

Open and register in this registration page (in Internet Explorer):

Once registered successfully, turn Internet Explorer's protected mode back on.
The volume sliders have stopped working
Download and install the latest version(s) of RiyazStudio - or instead just download the updated file slider.js (Right-click the link, and select "Save Link/Target As...") and copy it into the folder:
C:\Program Files\RiyazStudio

Close and reopen RiyazStudio's window to get the volume sliders working again.
If you want you can reset RiyazStudio's volume settings by holding the Ctrl key and clicking the Refresh button.
RiyazStudio used to work, but now I get a "Script Error" on opening it
RiyazStudio's "cookie", in which stores its settings, may have become corrupted.

If you're using a recent version of RiyazStudio (showing the images of tanpura and tabla) you can reset RiyazStudio's settings simply by holding the Ctrl key and clicking the Refresh button.

Or if you're using an older version of RiyazStudio (and can't download the latest version), then to delete RiyazStudio's cookie and reset its settings:
1. Close RiyazStudio and open Internet Explorer.
2. Use the Tools menu to select Internet Options.
3. Select the General tab.
4. Click the Settings button in the Browsing history section.
5. Click View Files.
6. Make sure that Details is selected on the View menu.
7. Delete the RiyazStudio cookie you find there:
RiyazStudio/ Cookie:yourusername@~~local~~/C:/Program%20Files/RiyazStudio/
RiyazStudio sounds weird
Your computer may have the wrong sound card driver installed, preventing RiyazStudio's pitch changing routines from working properly.

Here's one page describing how to update your computer's sound card driver:
The volume of the tabla in comparision to the tanpura is very low, and I can't make the tabla loud enough. What should I do?
Download and install the latest version of RiyazStudio. Since July 2009 we've included a "boost Tabla volume" function in all versions, making the tabla louder and emphasizing its melodic character. For an "unboosted" tabla, just reduce the tabla volume to 1/4 or less.

if at full volume the tabla is distorted...
One side effect of this louder tabla is that on some computers running under Windows XP, the Windows mixer "Wave Volume" level should be no higher than 50% to avoid distortion.
The volume of the tanpura drops while the tabla is playing
Your computer sound system is automatically adjusting the volume level.

To disable this function, right click the speaker icon in the taskbar, left click "Playback devices", select the currently active audio device and click the "Properties" button.
On the "Enhancements" tab check "Disable all enhancements" (or uncheck just "Loudness Equalization" or "Volume Normalization").
Alternatively, on the "Advanced" tab uncheck "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device".
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