RiyazStudio Semi-Classical
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  • Over 200 specially recorded variations of Keherwa (encompassing Bhajani, Qawwali and Ghazal theka) Dadra, Rupak, Addhatal, Deepchandi and Jat.
  • You can add it to your existing RiyazStudio installation or - if you don't use classical taals - install it on it's own.
    It includes the same Tanpura options as RiyazStudio Standard.

Practice examples with RiyazStudio Semi-Classical:
RiyazStudio currently plays just tanpura and tabla - the flute in these examples merely illustrates how the software might be used. If you'd like to respond to these videos, or if your connection's slow, visit their lower-bitrate YouTube incarnation

Current clip: Dadra; raag Kafi
RiyazStudio plays a wide range of medium tempo Dadra tabla variations with Pa (5th) tabla tuning accompanying flute playing dhun in raag Kafi.